Quick Fix: The Windows Was Unable To Repair The Drive

Moreover, you can manage all your browser plug-ins, find unnecessary duplicates, clean your drivers and more. The CCleaner software also comes in a paid version , but the freeware version is sufficient for most Windows registry cleanup tasks. The paid version provides automatic browser cleaning, real-time monitoring and technical support, which can greatly improve system performance.

Even your trusty Windows PC Download HP Scanjet 4370 Drivers Driver Download & Updates … isn’t perfect , and amid its millions of processes, things are bound to go a little wrong. Registry errors can occur when you’ve uninstalled programs, but some of their information stays in the registry. Usually, the Registry gets corrupted if you make some changes using the Registry Editor. Sometimes, malware infection or Disk issues can also end up corrupting the registry file. That’s why it is more than recommended to backup your registry before changing anything as there you have all the internal settings of your Windows 10 system. Due to its importance to the Windows operating system, you should export a backup of the registry in case you need to recover from a problem.

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Depending on the BIOS interface, you can change the boot order or directly select the device to boot from . Afterward, press F10 to save the changes and exit. Accept the confirmation prompt to proceed with the installation.

  • If everything is still at a standstill though, you can use the factory reset and reinstall a fresh copy of your Windows.
  • You need to confirm it as the existing data on the drive would be deleted.
  • All this ensures that the data on the disk is not compromised and your disk remains healthy and functional.

In the local disk formatting options window, specify the appropriate settings and click the “Format” button to start the process. After formatting is complete, logical disk errors will be fixed. If you are using the registered program, your disk will be scanned and its bad sectors will be repaired. In other words, your drive will be completely ready for use. CHKDSK short for Check Disk checks the state of the hard drive and correct any errors it finds, if possible.

Back up your files before swapping

To do so, follow our guide on How to use System Restore on Windows 10 and implement the instructions as demonstrated. Finally, restart the PC and see if the error AdbwinApi.dll missing error is fixed or not. Some users reported that the error AdbwinApi.dll is missing Windows 10 is fixed by registering the AdbwinApi.dll. Follow the below-listed steps to fix the issue. Windows is forced to show a pop-up notification that AdbwinApi.dll is missing Windows 10 whenever this happens. Here is a guide to using Autoruns to remove startups that are unused.

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It can fix DLL bugs, fix SYS BSODs, restore missing DLLs, and delete malicious EXE files from your PC to keep them from displaying further errors. The function can be found by going to the “Registry tab” and selecting “Missing Shared DLLs”. When you click “Scan for Issues,” a list of missing or malfunctioning DLL files appears.